House Hunting

I spent the past four years – with the exception of living in an apartment for six months in SC – living on campus. Two years in the dorms, two years in “the suites,” which were more like glorified hotel rooms complete with hotel-esque furniture and small kitchenettes.

I met my best friend in college, and we lived together three years. [[holla, Air Bear!!]] I made some great memories living on campus. Being able to go to midnight soccer without worry of driving home at two in the morning, that time I had a cold and my cough drops “rained” on my bunk-mate’s forehead freshman year, or all the times I spent hanging out in someone else’s room just down the hall. That being said, it is a little disheartening throwing thousands of dollars a year into an apartment or dorm, helping someone else pay off their mortgage. I am way too logical to spend the next three years here (at least) in Washington renting an apartment or even small home, throwing possibly $40,000 down the drain. I know I have to pay to live somewhere, but why not in my own home.

I know that I am very blessed to be married to someone who has such a stable job. I know that a lot of other people my age aren’t able to jump into home ownership. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about my sharing this experience. I’m just nervous and apprehensive and a little bit excited at this point. (Feel free to stop reading here, or continue reading. :] )

It started before we even left South Carolina. Hubby signed up for a website to look at homes and a day later a real estate agent called us to introduce himself and find out if we were serious about buying a home. Jim (not his real name) had us looking at homes over the internet before we even left. We met the second day we were in Washington and looked at a few of our online favorites. After none of those worked out for us, we looked at even more homes the next day. We were here a week when we found the house we hope to buy.

We put a reasonable offer in and waited to hear the news. The next day we heard that our offer was accepted against a “very strong competitor.” At this point, we’ve already had the home inspected and are waiting for the VA appraisal – a necessary step due to us using VA financing which allows us to put 0% down. The appraisal price is the maximum loan amount we can ask for from the VA. We have our fingers crossed that the house appraises close to listing price so that there isn’t any drama there. [[If it appraises low, the seller has the option of lowering the price, or we have the option of paying the difference in cash, or the deal falls through and we lose the home.]]

I think this is probably the most nervous I have been during this whole process. The order was put in yesterday for the VA appraisal and it can take up to ten days including the weekend for it to be completed. In the mean-time, the seller is working on some finishing touches we included as part of our negotiations like painting the doors and adding smoke detectors, which I couldn’t believe it didn’t have already!

Anyway.. if you read all of that you deserve a medal! I know this is important to me, but I don’t really expect it to matter much to anyone everyone else.

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned” – Maya Angelou

One thought on “House Hunting

  1. HIIII!!! haha i love the shout out. Hang in there my wonderful, amazing best friend!! I think its great if you could even rent one because as far as i’m concerned, i can do neither lol. So being able to do either or (buying/renting) is a GREAT thing and i’m just so happy for the two of you to hopefully start to establish a bigger family in WA :] <3

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