The weather reports from the end of last week had people buzzing that this weekend could be the first major snowfall of the season. According to the forecast, there should have been snow on the ground by Friday night. It rained and rained and you know, rained some more, but it wasn’t cold enough until this morning. Woke up and saw this outside our bedroom window.

I felt like a little kid outside in the cold taking pictures. It’s not like this was the first time I’ve seen snow, or been around it. Just the first time in years it has snowed where I live. The last time I was snowed us in was fifteen years ago when my dad was stationed in Oregon. My sisters and I had our one and only snow day because it was a once in a decade occurrence and there weren’t any snow plows available to clear the roads.

I love the snow. It’s almost magical, definitely peaceful. The flakes falling from the sky are about the size of nickels right now and there are no signs that it’s stopping any time soon.

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