Frosted Mini Wheat

My husband and I were pretty confident in our relationship when we bought our car at the end of March last year. I say that because we got married a month later, and I know at least a few of our family members were not supportive of the idea. (That’s not to say we didn’t already have a shared phone plan, but that’s another story.)

This car has ¬†definitely been a subject of Murphy’s law.. It is my second car and his first. It seems as if anything that can go wrong, has gone wrong, but really limited to cosmetic issues. Such as me backing into a pole, trashing the bumper and one tail light.. and then Logan hitting a semi-sized tire “gator” dead-center and destroying part of the front bumper and the plastic undercarriage that protects the engine..

And then Wyoming surprising us with 60+ mph gusts of wind and a sand storm that not only cracked our windshield but left thousands of chips in the windshield and all over the entire car.

That’s three visits to the shop in the past month. This time Mini-wheat came home with a brand new coating of frosting. And by that I mean, there were so many chips in the paint that everything but the rear bumper (which is three weeks new) and the trunk (last original paint swatch) had to be sanded down and re-painted.

And I have to say, it looks damn good!! I don’t know if it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me, but it looks better than before it was sand blasted. What do you think?? Haha… Maybe I was just sick of driving that smelly, rolls-back on hills, has old tires that fail at gripping the road KIA from Enterprise. Love this car.

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