Let the Games Begin

Husband checked in to work this morning, a week earlier than he had to, so that he could save those seven days of leave.

To understand the significance of that, you have to know that my Dad has been in the Navy my entire life. He joined when he was 17 and now 30 years later he is being forced to retire as a Master Chief – aka, a pretty big deal in the Navy. [The whole forcing people to retire is a military thing…they want to keep the talent fresh.] Anyway, my Dad’s retirement ceremony is on June 1st and my husband would love to be there. My mom has already told me that I have to be there, not that I would intentionally miss it. So Logan went to work early to make sure he would have enough leave days to take a trip to California at the beginning of June.

I really hope his leave is approved. He’s confident they won’t deny him because he is “new to the boat and basically no one,” but I am worried that they will deny his leave because he is new to the boat and everyone has seniority over him. There isn’t anything I can do about it, except pray.

I always feel like I am at battle with “the Navy.” I hugged and kissed Logan goodbye this morning and my immediate thought was “let the games begin.” I guess that is because I grew up a Navy brat and know sometimes you have to play the system. Jump through the hoops of your health and dental insurance. Appease people who are more important and in a way powerful than you. And make sure not to get tangled in all the red tape and drama of being a Navy Wife. Sometimes, it is harder than it seems. Mostly I just know being married to a Nuke means I don’t see my husband a lot when he’s not on leave.

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