Snowed In

Where was all this snow on Christmas morning!!? I was only in Ohio then, for goodness sake. The weather lately makes me so thankful that we are already here and that we are not fighting to get across the country.

The weather lately also makes it hard to be anywhere but here, because this is predicted to be of the worst winter storms since the 80’s. There was a winter storm warning in effect all day, from midnight to midnight. Hello and thank you very much Washington; I’m new here, grew up in CALIFORNIA, also known as the land of eternal sunshine

Logan had work today, technically, but was called this morning and told not to come in because the weather was bad enough in Bremerton that no one would be there. That was a relief to me, because the main roads weren’t plowed until well after 2pm and our apartment complex, which is conveniently located towards the bottom of a hill, has no real system to clear the roads.

It has been amusing to watch cars attempting to make it up the really steep hill to the left of our apartment, just outside the complex. It takes about three times on average, the last of which they ignore speed limits and the little voice in their head saying “slow down! we’re going to skid out and die!!”

It’s been a good day though. I haven’t had a snow day in years, like I mentioned in one of my recent posts. I spent some time shoveling the entry-way and carport. Watched a tow truck get stuck twice, then finally tow a car out of here. I even got to build a snowman and snowbaby! Was trying to make two snowpeople but the second wasn’t working and got downsized.

The cats have been meowing for days to get outside so Logan let them spend some time on the porch. They were out there for at least five minutes, testing out their fur coats and leaving the cutest little footprints in the snow. Meeko got all fluffy looking like he does when he’s cold so we knew it was time to get them back inside and Panda just looks kind of freaked out like she always seems to in pictures. I am hoping by some miracle that the roads are more clear tomorrow, but I don’t think they will be. Either that, or Logan doesn’t have work again and we can walk to the grocery store together.

2 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. aww i love the pictures of Meeko & Panda!!! sooo cute! and I cant believe how HUGE Meeko is now! their little footprints are cute too! haha. Snow = super awesome, but I do hope you two will be able to go somewhere soon and not be stuck!! :]

    1. Aww thank you! I still think Meeks is pretty small for a boy.. Just weighed him aaand nevermind, he’s 12.6 pounds of kitty!! I had no idea he had beefed up that much. He doesn’t look much bigger at all. Panda is 8.6 pounds (half of which I think is fur). I think she’s gonna get really fat. She eats non-stop if we keep food down. We had to put them on a feeding schedule! haha

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