Keeping Score

So If you haven’t caught on already, my husband is leaving soon.. I am doing better than I was, when I first found out it was a sure thing. He will not be gone for too long, I think. Anyway, we had been planning on going to Seattle this weekend, despite the 100% chance that it would rain all day, because we aren’t sure when we can realistically drop everything and go again. Hubby should be back before summer, which is the ideal time to go, but this summer we’ll have a puppy in the house and will have to figure out if he can go with us (in a car, on a ferry and what places we could bring him to) and if not, where to board him for the day so we can go alone.

We looked up ferry times and cost. We checked out webpages for the Space Needle and other Seattle attractions. Even found a place to get a killer bowl of clam chowder (which still sounds amazing). It was going to be a fun trip. Then hubby went to work this morning, and they informed him he will actually have to stand watch over the weekend. Lame. And that point goes to the Navy. Two to nothing so far this new year. Not that I’m keeping score or anything..

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