I finally have some good news to report on the home front!!

The appraisal for “our” house came back today and it looks great! It was appraised at $100 over the selling price, so that means we are over that hurdle and are moving on to closing!! I was SO worried the appraisal would come back low and we wouldn’t be able to get the house after putting so much money into it already.. Had been praying about this very often, and it great to see God working miracles for Logan and me. So happy that part is over!

On a more random note – if you don’t consider the relation to yesterday’s post relevant enough – I picked out a stroller!! In case this is the first post you are stumbling upon, I am 100% not pregnant right now. Trying, but that is another story. For some reason, the past few days, I have had strollers on the brain. Might be because I am seeing them everywhere… hello, early winter baby boom. If you are interested I’ve decided on the Uppababy Vista 2012. I like it in orange, but that’s definitely a “boy” color so will need to wait a while AFTER finding out I am pregnant to get on that. Finally able to close that window, though, which is nice.

I wish I could write more, because I know I could ramble on for at least another 300 or so words but I just bought some stuff to teach myself how to crochet and I’m going to go get lost in the instruction manual. I already know how to do basic knit stiches but blankets always look 100x cooler crocheted.

One thought on “Appraisal

  1. you’re beanie turned out AMAZING. picture def needed!! haha, and i’m super excited for your future stroller!!! :]

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