Something to Obsess Over

My mind is going about a thousand miles a minute right now!! It is almost one in the morning as I type this, so I should be asleep. If not resting peacefully, then having another weird dream, like the dreams I have had the past few nights (about caring for abandoned kittens, a crazy lady from Texas and creepy houses on a hill). Instead, I’m out in the living room, trying to keep the cats calm because they also seem to be wired; knocking things down and racing from the bedroom to the kitchen and back again.

I don’t know what my deal is, but I can’t seem to calm down for even a second. My mind is running in circles about things that aren’t even relevant to my life right now, or don’t even matter all that much. Like what, you may be wondering..? Well, strollers, for one thing, and I’m not even pregnant! Wondering when it will finally be MY TURN. Thinking how depressing it can be living in an apartment that is still 60% in boxes, even if the boxes are left unpacked by choice.

And that brings my frantic mind to all sorts of unpleasant thoughts about the house we are trying to buy. We haven’t heard anything from our real estate guy since last Monday or Tuesday. The only contact we had with our lender in the past week was making sure to get “the correct verbage” on the power of attorney I will now have to use to buy the house. And then there’s the little hiccup that the sellers were supposed to fix a few things – as part of our deal – before the appraisal was done. But the snow storm seems to have pushed everything back. Not sure when the appraisal will be, but the 10 day window set aside for that, is all but up. Not sure if it will even appraise well, given that those things aren’t fixed and I am honestly starting to think the sellers are going to try to ruin the deal by not fixing things that could make the appraisal fail. So I guess I am overwhelmed, but it feels like so much more than that.

This feels like the calm before the storm. I tend to think in black and white and it feels like we are set up so that everything could go great, or everything could go horribly wrong in the next three weeks…. But as Logan likes to remind me, at least we still get a puppy. Only 31 days until he comes home with me.

One thought on “Something to Obsess Over

  1. It will be your turn some day soon, i promise! I would be super excited thinking about strollers and babies and everything that comes with them also!! LOVE YOU BEST FRIEND!! i’m praying for you all the time for the house going through & no headaches/migraines & just to have a good blessed day :] MISS YOU SO MUCH and it’s taken me a bit to read these b/c i’ve been a tad busy, but I’ll still respond to most/all of them.

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