Moving Right Along

I bought myself the iPhone 4s this afternoon, just as my old HTC Incredible decided to fail on me. I’ve (only) had that phone fourteen months. As of today, it could barely hold a decent charge, randomly restarted itself several times in a row at least once a week, could receive emails but not send them, and would eat text messages like they were M&M’s.. It was time for a replacement.  I got the white one, if you’re wondering, after realizing that might help me “lose” my phone around the apartment and in the bottom of my purse less often.

I recently added categories to this blog and tonight realized that starting tomorrow every single one of them will be pending. House & Home: pending document approval, Life, Love & Everything Else: put on the back burner until my hubby gets home again, Puppy Love: waiting until the day we take our puppy home, and last but not least The Baby Thing: waiting for, you know, an actual pregnancy to occur.

*sighs* My life feels like it is about to be put on pause, except that it won’t be.. That is the most terrifying and wonderful part of life; it goes on.

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