Put the “C” in Create

Finally have something creative to write about!! I recently – as in four days ago – taught myself to crochet. I already know how to knit the heck out of scarves, so I am focusing on beanies for now. I have already made a few and one of my Mom’s friends on Facebook is already wanting to buy one. :]

I love knitting and all but I think my hands were made to crochet. Haha. Haven’t tried many new patterns yet or used many fancy designs. For now I’m just trying to get the basics down. Now.. someone needs to start working on having a baby so these hats can go be useful. :P

I prefer the newborn to year old size because they are a lot faster to make! Made my first adult size beanie (for myself) without a pattern and for one thing, took way longer and another thing, took forever to figure out how many stitches to use. Definitely sticking w/the baby sized ones. 

In other news, the hubby is officially on the Stennis. Wasn’t really allowed to say when he was leaving or announce that he had gone until I knew he had gotten there. Freaking Navy. I guess that’s why I’ve been missing around here the past two days. Don’t have much to say because 1/2 of all the thoughts in my brain are some variation of missing him. Hopefully he’ll only be gone a month. Right?..

One thought on “Put the “C” in Create

  1. i LOVE your beanies!! i didn’t realize they’re baby size but that makes them even CUTER!!! i agree, you’re hands were made to crochet! i tried making an adult beanie once, turned into half a beret half a beanie, in a non cute way. lol but thats how we learn, right?! i know you miss Logan, but you can put a new countdown on your phone “hubby returns in xxx days” hopefully he’ll come back when he is supposed to, but if not then i’ll be here with a huge interweb hug!! talk to you soon <3

    <3 the air bear in her bear cave!!! :]

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