Loan Approved.

I received more good news about “our” home this morning!!

Our lender called and said that our loan had been approved yesterday! This is a little different than a pre-approval letter you are supposed to get before you search for houses in that his bank has basically said, “yes, we will give you that money for 48-72 hours, but then we are selling your contract to one of the top three banks (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase). Sounds kind of hum drum, but this is great news. He also mentioned we should be closing by the end of next week.

That means, we’ll be home-owners in six days! Maybe. Our official close date is still February 9th, so we’ll see how much sooner we can get it done than that. I hope I don’t jinx myself, but it feels like all of our hard work the first few weeks were in Washington is paying off finally. Not everything in my life is going the way I had hoped or planned, but I pray at the very least, this does. Having a place to live is one the most basic needs. Having a real home to bring our puppy home to will awesome.


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