My Plans ≠ God’s Plans

My plans don’t seem to match up well with God’s idea of how my life is going to go lately.

I say that because almost everything I pray for doesn’t work out how I pray it will, and even the things I pray about that do happen, tend to happen in such unusual ways.

It feels too obvious to say that we must not be on the same level; that we are not seeing the same big picture. We do not have the same goals in sight.

I feel like I need to drastically overhaul where I thought I was headed, towards puppy land and mommyhood. If I am not getting anywhere headed in this direction, maybe I am going the wrong way.

Maybe a string of small disappointments can change everything. I don’t know yet. I am still processing, still writing just to have these thoughts written down somewhere. I need time to think about what my next move will be, because the more I think about, the more I feel like I was headed down another dead end.

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