Chasing Dreams :: In more ways than one..

It’s after midnight, and I should be asleep by now, despite the fact that my to-do list for tomorrow is very short. [[To do: wake up, feed cats, accomplish something]]

I’ve been thinking about my life a lot lately and what it is exactly that I am hurdling myself towards. I say it that because, for a while there, it felt like everything was moving extremely fast. Had just gotten married, graduated from college, moved, had a job for a while, but then I was moving again – to WA this time – where we started the process of buying a home, getting a puppy,  and are still trying for a baby. . .

I took some time today to just reflect on all of that and realized that I’m missing one main component. I’ll give you a hint.. It has everything to do with the “Snap” portion of this blog. Photography!! I have been saying since we were back in South Carolina, that I was going to focus on my photography in Washington. Well, I am here, hello, time to break out my cameras and get to work.

I have been so wrapped up in the stress of everything else that I had forgotten to consider something that just brings happiness and nothing else to the table. It took a conversation with an old friend to make me realize that I have nothing to lose in pursuing this hobby. I am starting out on the bottom with little-to-no experience and a college degree that has nothing to do with cameras, let alone how to use them. I emailed a few studios asking if they could use the (free) help of anyone like me and I joined a very critical online forum to start getting feedback on my pictures.

I don’t really know how to wrap this post up in an eloquent way. I am tired and it has been a long, but good day. I think it’s time for me to go chase some dreams in my sleep – and hopefully not of dinosaurs tearing roofs off of buildings in an attempt to eat me alive tonight.

One thought on “Chasing Dreams :: In more ways than one..

  1. hahah oh dinos…good luck Chelle, you’re pictures are AMAZING and i completely agree with the friend that you have nothing to lose, only more experience to gain! i’m so happy/excited for you & where the photography biz will take you :]

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