Cracked Up

Add another excuse to the list, “Why I Have Not Been Blogging Lately.”

Winter is apparently a pretty big deal in the Pacific Northwest; a season I am much unaccustomed to, given my residential history of South Carolina and Southern California. It’s been a few years since I experienced week after week of biting cold… and then there’s always the rain here. Five of my fingers have deep cracks on the fingertips near the nail bed, and if you are tilting your head to the side and wondering “what?,” then you are lucky! Just Google winter cracks in fingers and you’ll see dozens of articles where people  are trying to help other people find the solution to these painful and very deep paper-cut like cracks. There is no known cause, besides the cold, dry air of the winter months; and there is no real cure. Keeping your hands out of water as much as possible helps, but eventually you have to take a shower, or wash your hands. Lotion just makes them burn, but most people try it anyway, and so even now, I can’t feel how cold it is in my living room because my fingertips are on fire.

These things can take weeks to heal and I’ve never had more than one at a time so forgive me if my writing schedule is a little off. It’s a bit hard to type with bandaids on the end of half my fingers. Hah…

Random post, perhaps.. It seems I need a bit more focus when it comes to blogging. (but it is only 7am!!!)

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