The Search for My Place

Working out will always be a part of my life. Either something I am doing on a regular basis, or something I am thinking about doing and feeling mildly guilty because I’m not. In any case, it is on my mind. Maintenance is the hardest part of weight loss.. and often times it’s nothing more than a myth. Maintaining weight loss is just another part of life.

I need to find a gym. I have a gym, technically… free membership at the always-busy, male-overloaded base gym. I can get a decent work out there, but it doesn’t feel like my place. I always feel like I’m running away from it when I leave, and to me, the gym should be a place I run to. I don’t know… I just feel like I don’t really fit in there when I’m often the only female in the place not working behind the check in counter. And with every piece of weight lifting equipment bogged down by stinky Navy dudes, I hardly ever get any weights done. Continuing to work out there, is turning me into a slightly smaller, but flabby mess, and that’s not my idea of fitness.

The thing is, now we have a puppy and I can’t just leave him locked in his kennel for hours of the day at a time. That fact actually supports the idea of me finding a new gym – one that is closer and possibly less busy during the times I have to work out.

Seems silly, but I need to pray about it. I’m stuck at a higher than “normal” weight for me and I’m beginning to resent my body. I want to feel good about myself. I will never be perfect, but I miss feeling strong and confident.

One thought on “The Search for My Place

  1. i will definitely be praying for you & about your baby post that i forgot to mention i’ll be praying about as well! Just remember you CAN get to where you want, because you’ve done it before. You always look fabulous by the way, its just always a matter of looking even more lovely :] good luck trying to find a better gym home, i’ll be praying!

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