Pomona Weather

I went to college in Pomona, California.. home of my university, the best church I have ever been to (Pomona First Baptist) and the most random weather I have ever experienced, until today.

I woke up with frozen grass and clear skies. By mid-morning it was so windy and cold that Graham didn’t want to go outside. Clouds moved in and it rained for a while, then snowed for about an hour. Big fluffy snowflakes smashed against the window driving our cat Pandora half-crazy trying to “catch” them through the glass.

It’s now half way through the afternoon and the sunshine is blinding me through the front windows…not a cloud in the sky. It’s amazing. I really wish Graham’s vaccine series was finished because I would Love to go down to the little rocky shoreline here and let him wander around. It’s still way too cold outside, hovering in the mid-forties, but it’s nice to see the sun today.

Still searching for a gym, for a church that can rival Pomona’s…for a place I belong.


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