Two of Them

Today I am in a venting mood. Not about life in general, as I am pretty sure everything there is going okay lately, but about my cats.

You see, I grew up with cats. When I was a little kid there was “Crystal and Kelly;” two of them. I like to think they were best friends but looking back now, they probably didn’t like each other very much. They were very independent of each other, very different from one another. Kelly died and then Crystal ran away the morning of September eleventh – yes, that September 11th so while my 12 year old classmates cried because a great tragedy was happening, I cried because the cat I had gum-mauled as a baby was probably never coming home. She never did.

It took two years for my family to get another cat, and then we found abused “Thunder.” This girl was the epitome of evil (due to having been strung up by her tail at a playground and having trash thrown at her and then left to die). But then a year later I brought home “Digit” a mere one-pound kitten at the time, who would soon turn into a monster-sized cat with extra toes and the loudest purr you’ll ever hear. He taught “Thunder” how to purr and I know they like each other. By the time I left home for college we had “Thunder”, “Digit”, “Oliver”, “Sicily” and “Nimbus” thanks to my sisters bringing home just about every sad kitten they ran across. My parent’s house is like Cat Country, but I don’t mind that.

Just before I graduated college, my mom said I could NOT take “my cat” Digit with me. I got a new kitten, Meeko. I actually got him for free because the place I was working at, at the time, had this box of five kittens dropped off in the middle of the night. One froze to death, one needed to be humanely euthanized and three were adopted. I should have known then, the little (or not so little) terror that Meeks would turn into. When he was six months old, the hubby and I decided that it was time for him to get a friend, because all of his pent up energy was making him evil. He needed someone who he could feel dominant over, someone he could fight with, so we found Pandora. This little fluff ball was also a free gift from a veterinary hospital. I walked into the adoption or “Stray Pets Ward” as it was more formerly known and knew immediately that she was mine with her gigantic eyes and ugly hot-pink softclaws.

So now we have Meeko and Pandora. Yesterday, my little sister got her cat “Tiger” a new friend, “Emi” and it got me wondering if these two cats are the beginnings of a new “Cat Country” or if it’ll just be the two of them until they die or run away, like Crystal and Kelly. I think, for me, I’m done with cats. They are so, so cute as kittens, but now they really don’t want anything much to do with me and they just stink up the house with their poop a few times a day. Meeko is a lot more calm because of Pandora and she is no longer wandering the streets so I guess I did my part to help the stray cat population, but I think I’m set as far as further help goes.

[And I feel the need to clarify, for any animal rights advocates that might stumble across this (although I don’t know how you would), I would never get rid of my cats. I am a firm believer that once you adopt an animal it is your responsibility for it’s entire life. I was there from the beginning and I’ll be there at the end, so long as they don’t run away like Crystal. And yeah, I guess this wasn’t really a vent, more like a pointless and probably really dumb ramble, but I’m hoping you got the point.]

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