A Little Recap and a Big Secret

Hey there, remember me? For those that are subscribed to my posts, it’s been another week of me saying nothing. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say; more like, I was waiting for the right time. And for some reason, that feels like today.

I’m pregnant. Eight weeks, one day today. I was so worried about miscarriage up until seven weeks that I didn’t want to post anything, almost as if doing so would jinx myself. I have prayed and prayed to just be happy for each day for what it is, and now I figure if the worst case scenario happens, I’m going to want to be open about it. For anyone that knows me on Facebook PLEASE DO NOT SAY A WORD ABOUT THIS. I guess I just feel like those who read my blog actually bother to “know” me, and you all deserve a special treat. So now, for a little recap for those who don’t know my story.

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I can name about a half dozen people in my life that weren’t too happy or won’t be too happy when they find out that I’m pregnant. Some of them have gotten over the initial shock and have moved on to be supportive, but I have a suspicion a few will never like the idea.

No matter what they say, this baby was not an accident. For those who don’t know (which would include everyone but my sisters, parents, blog readers and in-laws) the hubby and I had quite the journey while trying to conceive. I was raised to value a career over family, but threw that idea out the window by marrying my best friend six weeks before I graduated from college. I did graduate, ahead of schedule, and moved to live with my darling/dear husband (DH) in the middle of June, 2011. It was the biggest secret at the time, that I stopped using the birth control pill that month and we started trying for a baby right away.

We tried for nine months before getting preconception workups done. My results came back stellar, but a week before I ovulated on month nine,  we received crushing news that we would likely never conceive on our own. Hubby’s semen analysis came back with an extremely low count and we were told, “your chance of conceiving on your own is less than the risk of conceiving with perfect birth control use, 0.1%.”

I guess we were that 1 in 1,000 couples! The ironic thing is, we weren’t going to try in March. I am a December baby (holla, December 14th!) and I was not excited about the possibility of having a December baby. With a new diagnosis of INFERTILITY, instead of preventing, we prayed for a miracle. And I would be lying if I said my eyes didn’t tear up while writing that sentence.

So here we are, both on the early end of our 20’s, having just celebrated our first year of marriage on April 29th and expecting our first little one! It hasn’t been the easiest pregnancy so far. I have had bleeding and spotting episodes, but early ultrasounds show that everything is on track, so far. If all goes well, we’ll go public (via Facebook, of course) after my next appointment on the 23rd, which also happens to be hubby’s birthday.

Thanks for reading. Thank you for the support if you’re willing to give it and any prayers you might want to send our way. We are so, incredibly thankful to be here.

One thought on “A Little Recap and a Big Secret

  1. I’m so happy that you’ve come out and told you’re blog viewers!! I already knew about what had been going on with you two, which is what made this news just even more exciting!! I told you when you first told me, and I’ll tell you now that I’m so happy and excited for you both! You definitely deserve to have this much happiness and joy in your life and no matter what I’ll always be there for you! You have definitely changed and grown into such a beautiful, caring, mature person since freshman year of college and you’re going to continue to grow into a beautiful mother!! Congrats once again best friend!!

    -Air Bear

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