In the End

I woke up this morning with a song from a kid’s movie stuck in my head.. More like, this specific lyric ::

In the end, I want to be standing at the beginning with you. 

It’s from the movie, Anastasia, for anyone wondering. Haha. I only ever watched that movie maybe twice, and it’s been years, so it was a bit odd to wake up with the melody clearly playing in my head.

Great way to wake up though, 10 Weeks Pregnant this morning, with the vision of me holding our newborn in my arms just a few months from now. Enough to make this weepy pregnant lady start crying.

One thought on “In the End

  1. That’s so exciting! i cant believe its already been 10 weeks! i still saved those texts/picture texts you sent me! so exciting :] i hope you have a safe drive back to Lemoore in four or five days! I wish I could see you =[ but knowing you are going to have fun at home is good enough I suppose!! When I have more money/make money I’m definitely going to fly up there if you want =] MISS YOU

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