Packing & Procrastination

Tomorrow morning at 6am (ish) we leave for California!! I wish we could have left today, but the hubby had work this morning and it wouldn’t have been worth it to leave in the early afternoon.. not with a sixteen hour trip without potty breaks. Have a full day of driving ahead of us! And then, another half day, at the very least.

I am excited though. Feels like I haven’t seen my family in forever, when it has really only been fifty weeks or so. Also, this is the longest I’ve been out of California since I was six years old and that was only because we lived in Oregon for three years. It will be nice to see everyone and to just chill out for a while. I don’t know if it will be weird being under my parent’s roof with my hubby, but we’ll see. I doubt it though, because that was our #1 hang out since we started dating.

I should probably be packing right now. I’ve been putting it off all week, because I know once I start it’s like a flurry (or tornado) of activity until it’s all done. Back in my college days when I would have to pack up my life several times a year to go here or there, I got really good at knowing exactly what I needed and how to get it all done in as little time as possible. But those were also my Redbull and Mountain Dew days and it seems I am moving considerably slower without my constant infusion of caffeine. Haha. I miss soda some days..

The other day I tried to think of what all we’d be doing back home.. And then I remembered the best way to live around that many people is to just go with the flow. It’s almost mindless going home. Eat what they eat, where they eat; go to their events and parties; hang out with the people they have over. I’m not sure if the ease of it all is why I’m looking forward to it, but I do hope it is a great vacation.

At the very least, it’s going to be a lot different than being here in my own home… if only for the fact that it’s probably going to be scorching hot and a lot more busy than our day to day life in Bremerton.


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