June snuck up on me this year. Seems like just yesterday the hubby and I were on our way to Washington; making the at-times, harrowing journey across the country. We’ve now been in our new home state for six months. Time flies when you’re having fun, or something like that, right?

We are still currently on “vacation” in California. I say it like that because it sure as heck seems more like work some days! The littlest sister graduated from high school yesterday evening and other than that, all week everyone has been preparing for my dad’s retirement from the Navy and the party we are having at our house afterwards. I’m hoping to get lost in the crowd of people there and not get in the way. By tonight our obligations here will have been taken care of, but even our last day here tomorrow won’t really feel like a vacation in the traditional sense.

I’m really not sure it is possible to feel relaxed with so much stress in the air; so I really wouldn’t call this a vacation anymore – more like a visit to my parent’s home. We’re taking care of business. Haha. And then we’ll go home.

I’m not in the best mood this morning. My room was immediately turned into an office the weekend after I left for college and sleeping on a pull out couch just is not the same as our comfy bed at home. Mix that with being 11 weeks pregnant and finding it impossible to fall asleep some nights and you’ve got a recipe for a mini-disaster..

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