Out of Shape

I read somewhere once, that for avid gym goers, it takes only two days of no physical activity for you to feel a difference in you cardio routine. And that after two weeks of no physical activity, your cardiovascular fitness reduces significantly. I can’t find the study now, but I have to believe it’s true. Let’s just say it’s been much more than two weeks since I last went to the gym, and even more time has passed since I went for a walk with my hubby after dinner. I used to be so in shape. Loved 1,000 calorie workouts and the feeling of my lungs burning and expanding after they warmed up. Pregnancy kind of threw a rock at all that though..

Now I deal with the nonsense of not getting my heart rate above 140 bpm…when I used to thrive in the high 170 range. It’s almost insulting because I can walk up a little hill and hit my “target” now. I was really scared of miscarriage the first trimester and definitely shied away from any form of exercise. I haven’t gained much weight at all, but I know I’m not as fit as I used to be and that bothers me. I want to be a healthy mom! Not one that sits on the couch and watches her kid play. So I am refocusing myself on pregnancy fitness, walks up small hills included.

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