Bedtime Rambling

Went for an hour and half long walk tonight! Didn’t start out intending to be out and about for that long.. it kinda just happened. Was nice to enjoy the breeze for a while and not be sitting on the couch at home.

I’m not super comfortable in this neighborhood yet. We are still new-ish to the area and it’s definitely not the neighborhood I grew up in! It’ll take a while getting used to and comfortable walking here. But thinking back to my home town, it took a year to work up to walking all the way across town (a six mile trek I’d make on an almost nightly basis). It’s a small town. Haha.

It is weird to think that next year, around this time, I’ll be pushing a stroller.. a little fun to think about too.

One thought on “Bedtime Rambling

  1. i was thinking about that too!! a year ago, you were newly married, this year you’re pregnant, and next year you’ll have a little one crawling around!! i’m just so excited and happy for you and I cant wait until your fb and this blog floods with pictures of you’re beautiful (or handsome) baby :] i just know you’ll be an amazing mother!!

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