Busy Weekend!

I had every intention of writing Friday, but I’m not sure now that I did.. And then I was supposed to write yesterday but time got away from me, so I’ll do a quick update post here.

My littlest sister got into town on Friday night and it’s literally been a whirlwind of activity since she got here! I’m not sure if we’re keeping so busy to keep up with the pace of her life, or if I’m doing all the stuff I’ve wanted to do, but didn’t want to do alone for a while now. Things like, going to the mall to have a shopping day and making random trips to 7-11 for slurpees and hunting down birthday cake ice-cream. No success on that last one, every single store we checked was out! It’s the best flavor on earth and it’s the only one either of us want so that’s a little sad in a pregnant girl way! haha. Someone will understand that, but I don’t expect everyone to!

I’ve also been busy catching up and attempting to finish all the various projects I have going on. The baby’s room is done being painted! But there is still tape and the drop cloth in there. Curtains need to get put back up, the room needs to be cleared of all the paint and supplies so we can move the baby’s furniture that the sailor and I assembled weeks ago from the office into his or her nursery. And then we have the crib to put together! That thing has been leaning against our hallway since I half dragged, half pushed it into the house a few weeks ago. It’s just to big to go anywhere else! And I know better than to put it together it in a different room because it will  not fit through the door assembled.

And then once the crib is put together I really need to get to work on the crib sheets that I’m going to make; as well as the ruffled waterfall crib skirt. Those are all works in progress. All currently cluttering the corner of my kitchen table with pretty fabrics of all shades of yellow, grey and an aqua color I can’t quite put my finger on naming, but I know it when I see it.

I have also been making baby booties! Brought out my crochet basket full of yarn and decided to spend my down time, while usually watching (read: listening to) something on Hulu crocheting the super cute baby booties I had pinned on Pinterest months ago. So far they have turned out super cute! I’ve made three pairs, one of which followed the pattern exactly and looks like will only fit a preemie. A little adjustment and they now seem appropriately sized for 0-6 months depending on the baby.. Anyway, I know this is all sorts of random because I really was intending to make two or three longer posts about all this. Gotta run again though, another busy day ahead.

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