Pearly Whites

My house has taken on the appearance of someone who shops at Joanns Fabric way too often. My kitchen table has become the semi-permanent home of my sewing machine and I can almost count the projects that are just started or half-way done on two hands. Every time I get a coupon in the mail I just add another project to the list! So far it’s still those crib sheets, receiving blankets, waterfall/ruffle crib skirt, altering a shirt I bought that would be so cute if it had a different hem line and curtains for the baby’s room. There’s something else.. Oh! A minky blanket I am hoping turns out well despite the interwebs warning me that minky fabric is impossible to worth with. Ha.

All day yesterday I was basically up to my elbows in fabric and I’m really not sure how much progress I made! The dust ruffle alone is taking forever since I do not own a surger. It’s a lot of ironing, pinning, folding, pinning, ironing and then finally sewing a seam! Times that by a dozen panels by four colors and it’s a lot of work. I would say I am now 30% done with that project. I’m fighting the urge to move onto something more instantly gratifying, like fixing my shirt. I should be sharing pictures, but I’m not really doing anything that complicated. If you found me on Pinterest then you could see the patterns from which I am getting these crazy ideas.

I would be at work right now, pinning and hemming who knows what, but I’ve got to get ready to go to the dentist. Fun times! I think they’re going to want to do a root canal but at 18 weeks pregnant, I’m going to fight them on it! I’ve never even had a proper cavity, I just don’t understand why my tooth would want to die. :(

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