Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

We’re having a BOY!! I’m sitting here feel him kick and I can hardly believe it.

The anatomy ultrasound went great. Our little man  is measuring in at 20w1d (one day ahead according to me and a day behind according to them since my hospital due date is the 15th). He’s weighing in at 12 ounces, in the 45% percentile which is great! Hoping for a 6-7 pound baby in December! Bones, muscles, heart, everything looked awesome. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Well maybe that he wasn’t being such a stubborn sleepy baby! He was literally curled up into such a tight ball on the LEFT side only (you could see the lump on my belly).. His butt was down on my bladder with the feet and head towards the left, so in frank breech position today. Not worried about that at all. He has plenty of time to flip around. Not that he was doing any of that during the ultrasound. We saw him put his hands up by his face and lay his head down on the placenta and go back to sleep any time we tried to bother him.

The ultrasound tech had me drinking tons of powerade and jumping around and doing anything to get him to move so she could measure his spine AND find out the gender. We had the hardest time getting the shot between the legs. When he finally wasn’t too cramped up on the left side the cord was right there. So I got to dance around some more and THEN she finally caught it! The “little turtle” as she called it. hahaha. I couldn’t believe it. I started crying and saying “no way! are you sure? you’re sure? it’s a boy??!” I was SO convinced we were having a girl. Biggest shock of my life so far. And I was so thrilled at the same time because we’ve wanted a boy all along.

We weren’t going to but we already told everyone!! So it’s public knowledge. The only thing up in the air now is HIS name… but that’s not really the “big deal” tonight!

I’m exhausted and so, so happy tonight.

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