We Are Never Ever Ever

I’ve had a song stuck in my head since I first heard it on the radio early last week.. Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

The funny thing is that it has 0% to do with my life!! I haven’t broken up with someone in years and even then, I was never the type to go back to someone. Once and done. I guess I should feel sad because I am now long past that phase of my life… That is, if I hadn’t hated the high school, college age of dating and wondering where I would end up in this world, who I would marry. It’s almost like a comfort of sorts to remind myself that I’m never, ever going back to that. Marriage, especially to my high school best friend who was there all along just waiting for me to find him and vice versa, definitely has it’s inherent benefits.

If you haven’t given it a listen, check it out in the iTunes store. I tried to find it for free on Youtube but there’s no official video up, just a few pretty good covers by random people. If nothing else, it’s extremely catchy and unlike all her other songs, it’s not a love song. Haha.

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