I woke up at six this morning with a pounding head; the light streaming in from behind our bedroom curtains blinding my eyes until they began to water.. Migraines always make me feel hung over, or at least what I imagine being hung over feels like. I’ve never drank to that excess before and being almost 25 weeks pregnant, I certainly wasn’t drinking anything but water last night. My body woke me just in time to receive a text message from the sailor saying that he was calling Verizon and de-activating his phone for the deployment. There is was. The bold, undeniable truth staring at me in the face…. They’re gone.

I stumbled to the kitchen for benadryl and tylenol, and an ice pack and decided to camp out on the couch. It always makes me feel less alone sleeping in the living room. It always seems to be the place migraines are defeated, sore stomachs and colds decide to loosen their grip on me. It’s always been that way for me.

It’s almost eleven in the morning now and I’m just as tired as I was at six, but at least my head is no longer pounding. It almost makes me appreciate living alone (aside from the baby boy kicking my bladder and doing all sorts of flips and turns lately).. There’s this sort of freedom knowing there’s no urgent need to do anything, to be anywhere. Nothing is required of me other than the basics of keeping up our house and there’s a bit of fun in that.

2 thoughts on “6am

  1. I like the couch too and really miss it. Since having to move into the parents, I stay in my room, just as I always had to when I was a little girl, home sick from school. My children never had to do that and they like the couch too.

  2. I hope you know, you can ALWAYS call or text me. I’m sure you do, but just want you remind you. Love & miss you, always here for you Chelle
    <3 Air Bear

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