Continuing the Tradition

Every year for my birthday, my aunt and uncle would send me a birthday card with exactly how many dollars I was in age. I kept the $5 bill from my fifth birthday on a shelf for years. I must not have had much to spend it on in kindergarten! It made me sad to see at $20 bill on my 16th birthday because I wasn’t 20 yet.. The cards continued all the way through my 18th birthday. Even though I was never that close to my aunt and uncle, those birthday cards always made me feel like they cared.

This morning I sent off a birthday card to both of my nieces in California. One welcoming her arrival to this strange planet and the other containing two dollar bills for a second birthday. I’m sure it will take them years to figure out why I’m being “cheap” and not just throwing a bunch of cash in there, but every little girl deserves to feel special and remembered on their birthday.

Just my random thought of the night..

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