Cows Milk VS Kitties

I’ve come across many infuriating posts on my Facebook mommy boards.

“SIDS isn’t real.”

“Eating chocolate now will make your baby allergic.”

And most recently, “Cows milk gives kittens worms.” ……. Say what?

Let me first clarify that all of these posts were appropriate, per say, to the context of the conversation. SIDS is real, nothing we eat now will make our babies allergic to it later, and COWS MILK DOES NOT GIVE KITTENS WORMS.

What the frick people??? I know pregnancy causes us all to temporarily lose a few marbles, but my goodness. If it gives kittens worms, why wouldn’t it give us worms? For one thing, it’s pasteurized to kill all microorganisms that might be growing, and for another, that’s just plain dumb logic!

But trying to tell that to a pregnant woman is pretty much pointless.

So for the facts in case a non-reader stumbles across this in a random google search wondering what to feed their poor abandoned kitten. Don’t give them cows milk. Cats cannot break down lactose and it causes gas, diarrhea and dehydration; which if severe, can put a poor kitties life in jeopardy. Dehydration is not a friend of veterinary medicine.

Pet stores and some large grocery stores sell a kitten milk replacement, conveniently named KMR. GNC sells their own brand of the good stuff at Petsmart. The can will tell you how much to give them, and if you have a veterinarian, you can ask them. After 6 weeks they are perfectly fine eating dry or wet kitten food.

A note on worms versus kittens would be that 99.9% of kitties are born with some sort of intestinal parasite. They should be de-wormed at the veterinarian, at eight weeks old.

End of rant.

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