Pregnancy Dreams are for Real

I don’t know what the deal is, with dreams. I know people have their theories.. That they are your repressed subconscious thoughts, or they are stories your mind comes up with in the middle of the night to make sense of what happens all day. If there are such things as dream experts, I certainly am not one.

I also did not believe that pregnancy caused vivid dreams up until a month ago. After spending most of last night in what felt like one weird dream after the next, I believe in them now! It was like watching a home movie of my life from someone else’s  point of view, on fast forward. Except the tape was all botched up and put back together in random order and it felt so real.

The best part was the 15 second clip of me kissing my husband!! haha. Would gladly re-live that dream over and over, but instead it was off to a castle to chase someone or something.. I can’t remember.

I do feel like I spent all night doing mental gymnastics, and hardly feel rested at all after a full nine hours of sleep and some. Thank goodness for Sunday; especially an overcast one like today.

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