I Have No Sisters.

I have no sisters. And what I mean by that is simple. I am the oldest of three girls, but I do not have sisters. Have I confused you yet?

The middle sister hasn’t said or typed a word to me in months. A change which coincides with her getting back together with an ex-boyfriend. The same ex-boyfriend she used to call me and bad mouth, at the very least, on a weekly basis. She has also said that me being pregnant “is weird.” My theory is that she always thought she would be the miss Susie Homemaker of us three girls; the first to be married, have kids, the whole shebang. Only I beat her to both of those, purely by chance.

The littlest sister just started college, and I know I won’t be hearing from her for months. She might surface around Christmas time, like she has to some degree the past four years. Living life as the young, the blonde, the misguided. Seeking random hook ups and pursuing the sorority life.

I sometimes hear of siblings being as close as friends, but that definitely is not the case in my family. I had sisters growing up. We bickered and fought and suffocated each other. And now we’re all out in the world on our own. I bet you (I bet you so much) that I’m the only one of us three that realizes I don’t have sisters anymore.


2 thoughts on “I Have No Sisters.

  1. I just want to start by saying, i can see what you are expressing here
    (however, in my own way). i dont know if you would appreciate sympathy from me, but i cant help it either way. i could talk for hours about my sisters, my bestfriends, but i dont think you would appreciate that either. I love this extract because it is truthful. you say things how they are to you and because these circumstances are so unusual to me, i find it really interesting. i say this only because i have been doing my own posts on sisters that is on a totally different view. this has really inspired me. very well done.

  2. You always have me Chelle! and I love that you put i bet you, i bet you so much! <3 I'm always here for you, and you always have me as a sister (In Christ & b/c you still feel like a sister to me). Love you & miss you & anytime you want to call me, please feel free! I'll most likely be giving you a call soon, I miss talking to you!

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