Feeling like a Gainer? (loser)

I’m on a few Facebook groups…and by a few, I mean a lot. My favorite lately has been the Stennis fitness support group that I joined to maintain my weight the rest of this pregnancy. Most of the women there are trying to get super fit and sexy for their husbands while they are away, and I admire them for that. I would be doing the same if I didn’t have two pounds of baby growing in my belly. But that doesn’t mean I’m taking the all too common free pregnancy pass to eat whatever I want, whenever I want it. I definitely have no plans on gaining more than 25 pounds, and I don’t want the weight I do gain to be from birthday cake ice cream. (although between you and me, the best brand here is seasonal and they stopped carrying it months ago..)

The group moderator tries to post a motivational quote a day and yesterday it was this :: “You’re never beaten until you admit it. ” ~George S. Patton

Now I am sure, in its original context, this quote had absolutely nothing to do with fitness and weight loss, but I love it for that purpose. It’s very easy to feel defeated by the scale during pregnancy. We are told to watch our weight at the very least on a bi-monthly basis, but seeing the numbers slowly creep up can be disheartening. The logic of growing a baby and taking on their weight in addition to yours doesn’t matter when you’re standing there half naked, looking past an ever growing belly to a number higher than you’ve ever seen; or in my case, higher than I’ve seen in years and years.

And that is why this quote is so awesome! The doctor sees my weight and doesn’t blink an eye; it’s within “standard limitations,” nothing too crazy. But I feel programmed to see it as a failure, like the pounds are winning. I think it’s time to re-train my mind that I’m never beaten until I admit it. I saw the scale go up a pound last week, but I’m still working out. I foolishly tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans and could barely squeeze them up past my thighs, but I don’t have a “to heck with it attitude,” eating junk food around the clock. I’m still trying to be active. I’m still trying and therefore I haven’t lost the battle yet.

Some mothers to be don’t care at all about their weight during pregnancy. A few are the lucky ones that just naturally gain fifteen pounds, and lose twenty in the hospital after having their baby. And there are some that just get super freaking chubby and have thirty to fifty pounds to lose post baby. I’m not saying any way is more right than the other.. really, I’m just happy to be motivated to hit the gym a few times a week again; and to know in this case, the simple act of trying is good enough.


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