A Perk to Living Alone

This morning I discovered a perk to living alone.

Today marks three weeks that the hubby has been away.. Only about a bazillion more to go. Literally, probably only about thirty more weeks, give or take a month at any point in time. The thing is, we’re like 8% done with the deployment!! Yeah. I would be more excited about that, but eight percent is hardly something to celebrate. It’s the smallest piece of pie in a pie chart. It’s the one everyone saves for last.

Random rants aside, I have spent the last three weeks in a whirl-wind of activity. Catching up and falling behind on crochet orders for my Etsy Shop, and attempting to catch up on about a month of neglected house work that had been glazed over for the  most part while he was still here. I can’t even begin to describe how much stuff I found on our kitchen table! I can actually have dinner there now.

Today though, feels like a lazy day. After three weeks of just mind-numbing activity, I am ready for a break. So I’m sitting here thinking of all the stuff I planned to accomplish this weekend. Had wanted to vacuum the whole house, steam clean the hard wood floors and bathroom floors, deep clean my kitchen, organize my craft stuff, tackle the extremely disorganized office.. But instead of doing anything I am just sitting here enjoying the smell of my mulled apple cider candle; enjoying the quiet where the most I hear is the hum of the refrigerator. It’s a lazy day. I probably won’t get much done at all, and the best part is, there’s no one here to tell me to do anything.

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