Yarn Fail

It turns out the pattern I found for the diagonal pom pom blanket was written for circular knitting needles. I really should have paid more attention to that.

Try as I did, for almost two hours last night, I could not make it work using a crochet hook. I first went wrong trying to work at night, with just the solitary lamp in the corner lighting the room. Then there was the problem of having the entirely wrong kind of needle and pattern. I’m not giving up though! Just have to go out and buy a pair of knitting needles and figure it out. I am determined to make it work! At least I have a 50% off one item coupon to use at Joanns.

And that’s basically what my day will consist of today. That and some house work. Sounds exciting, huh? haha… If my sciatic nerve wasn’t making it difficult to walk I would go to the gym but have been advised to avoid exercise until it is no longer inflammed. Another random “joy” of pregnancy! It was fine one day, and then the next felt like I was being stabbed in the lower back with an ice pick. There are worse things though.

The glider for the nursery should (FINALLY) be delivered between one and five tomorrow afternoon. Can’t wait to post pictures! It better be as comfy as it looks.

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