It’s been a hard week so far. I have so many posts that I need to write but I haven’t really had the mental capacity to sit down and say anything that would make sense.

Pregnancy insomnia has hit, full force. Had trouble sleeping all weekend. Then, was only able to get about four hours of sleep on Sunday night and had a very full day on Monday. Bed time on Monday rolled around and it didn’t surprise me much when eleven rolled around and I was still pretty awake…and then midnight.. and then one in the morning. Much the same happened last night, and I’m definitely feeling sleep-deprived.

So I can’t seem to sleep, not even for naps, and that does nothing to help with these pregnancy hormones and emotions. I feel like a hot mess, minus the part about being hot!

Today there was a whole mess of drama at the hospital. I really don’t want to go through all of it again, but I spent way too long there trying to get blood work done to confirm that my blood type is indeed A-, despite already having had the rhogam shot for negative blood types this pregnancy. Couldn’t even get the flu shot or pertussis vaccine like I had intended, and the pharmacy lost my prenatal prescription for the second time in a week.

If that weren’t enough of a mess, on the way home I honestly hit in an eight mile span. I don’t know how many there were, but I do know that I burst into tears at the second to last one because people were rushing to get nowhere and then slamming on their breaks and basically driving like idiots. And really, how bad of luck must I have, to have to stop at every single one?? If crying at a red light isn’t a pregnancy break-down, I don’t know what is…

Fast forward to tonight, where as soon as I thought I could relax, one of my mommy groups had a bout of insane drama erupt. I guess it only makes sense if you put a few dozen women that are just as pregnant as me into a small confined forum. Mean things were being said and I burst into tears for the second time today; really because I miss my husband but also because it’s been such a long day… And it is with that being said, I am logging off the social part of the internet for the night, and going to go watch Chopped on Hulu, eat some dinner and go to bed. At any rate, tomorrow should be a better day.

..and I need a new signature to go with this blog scheme.. will be writing about that later!

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