Mommy Blog Wars

I follow a few mommy blogs. Should really update my blog roll, but it’s so easy to lose that list in the framework of this site. Some day I’ll get bored enough.

I noticed that quite a few of the blogs I follow have this button to click, which is linked to a ranking system of top mommy blogs. And for those writers really into their rank, they ask you to vote for them at the bottom of every post. I don’t mind, exactly, but I also don’t see the point. For those blogs that are super-bogged-down-cluttered with advertisements to make money from their blog, I guess it makes financial sense. Advertise products and fill up all the  otherwise “calm” space on your page and then compel people to vote for you, so that there’s more traffic which in turn, equals more money!

I wonder how much money a blog could make. There’s one blogger in particular who I’ve watched go through a mega transformation in the past year from a small personal blog like mine, to this over-stylized mega monster of a site. She has a designated link for sponsors!! The content is so wide-spread to appeal to every type of mommy out there, that the quality has really suffered. She’s gone corporate. I don’t visit there very often, and I never vote her up the list.

Not that anyone probably cares, because I’m sure I’m writing to the air most days, but I will never become one of those bloggers. This is what I do to vent, and to whine, and to carry on and on about things that no one besides me cares to talk or think so much about. Writing is what I like to do. I won’t ask for you money or your votes. The closest I have come to doing anything of that sort is linking to my Etsy shop, but that’s to prove that I’m not lying about having one and because this is a blog about creative ventures. I also installed an about me space where you can link to my pinterest, instagram and twitter, but I’m not overly-involved in any of those sites.

If you’ve stopped by my page in the past, you may have noticed I changed the design. There are some extreme limitations to this site because I am not self-hosting, but instead rely on to publish my content to the world wide web. Maybe next year I’ll move to a different server, and then get one of those fancy layouts that are 100% custom designed. I don’t browse many other blogs here on wordpress myself, but I’m sure if I did I would find half a dozen that had the same theme, same colors. Limitations to design are no fun, but I can work around them for now. Still working on a new signature for this new layout. Get to do some photoshop work and that’s always fun.

One thought on “Mommy Blog Wars

  1. i read your blogggg!! haha it may take me a month to get to actually read them since i’m overwhelmed/stressed with what goes on in my life, but i always make sure i read up to see how you’re doing if i dont actually get a chance to call or text. MISS YOU, keep the blogs coming! :]

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