I made a Target registry today. For family members reading this, you can find it here :: Baby Boy Registry

The whole process was a lot more exhausting than a thought it could be, for a store with only four short aisles of baby stuff. I don’t think I realized how many things babies “need”.. and then, how many options there are out there. There were over a dozen different baby washes, rows of various butt creams, and an entire side of one aisle dedicated to just about every different brand and type of bottle you could imagine. Expect the super cool ones that I like which can be found here. And then there were health and wellness products like nose aspirators, boogey wipes and various thermometers. Was really awesome to see they sell cloth diapers though! Registered for some Fuzzibunz one size elite diapers and I would LOVE for someone to buy me those!

Basically, I learned there’s so much stuff we still need… like all the little things. And the scanner gun thing was pretty fun to use. I hope/pray that even though I’m not able to have a baby shower, that my family decides to help out a bit. Pretty please? Having a baby is expensive, yo. :)

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