3D Ultrasound :: 30 Weeks


This was my favorite picture from today’s ultrasound. Baby boy was surprisingly head down, with his butt way up in my ribs on the right side, and feet hanging out on the left, sometimes coming close to kicking himself in the face. The technician traced his body for me, and mentioned that he’s already long for having about 10 weeks more to grow. He’s not a thumb sucker, thankfully, but I did see him yawn twice and gum his bottom lip a little bit. He is actually “chewing” on it in this picture. For the most part though, he was sleeping and even refused to respond when poked at a bit.

I really can’t say who he looks like.. My husband has more of a “swoop” to his nose, and I have relatively thin lips whereas my hubby’s are more full. Baby boy’s seem to be somewhere in between from what I could tell. And he IS still a boy, unless little girls also grow balls. Didn’t get a “money shot” per say, but saw enough to be convinced that blues and greens are the way to go. The tech also said he most likely will not be born bald, as he could see the “golden halo” of hair around his head during the 2D part of the session.

I’m so much more excited for him to get here now!! Seeing him and knowing that there’s a real baby growing in there, makes all the back pain and sleepless nights making a dozen trips to the bathroom so worth it.

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