Benadryl Fog

I’ve been in a benadryl fog the past week. My super strict midwife prefers that I take no meds ever, but in case of a cold, benadryl and tylenol are the only “okayed” medications. Tried and trusted to be safe, she says. Barely effective and sleep-inducing, I say. I’m resting up and trying my best to kick this cold’s butt, but as for now, it’s mostly kicking mine.

This month started off with a bang!! For my sister, at least. She accepted a proposal from her boyfriend of three-ish years on the first and was already overwhelmed by the sound of wedding bells on the second. (Congrats little sister!! If you ever ready my blog..) I sent her some of my favorite planning sites, and gave her all my luck. Was the most I had thought about wedding planning since I was planning my own. It was fun to think about her sending me pictures of wedding dresses she’s considering, like I had done not too long ago.

And then I caught this cold and it’s like my life stopped. It’s hard to function as a part of society when you feel like a nine month pregnant, zombie whale. I hate to say it, but I am so looking forward to getting my body back, in more ways than one. I glanced in the mirror the other day and couldn’t remember what it felt like to have a flatter stomach… not to mention having a face not made fat by all this baby weight. But baby weight is a topic I’m really not ready to discuss.

I’ve got four or so posts saved as drafts, so be on the look out for those. Would have published them as I’ve written them over the past week, but I’ve either fallen asleep while writing them, or can’t focus long enough to proof read them. I will be so happy to ditch the cold meds and feel like I can function again, let alone breathe. Until then..

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