Any Other Thursday

It’s a shame to think that any other Thursday, we don’t all have an excuse to meet up with friends and/or family, cook a good meal, and take a moment to think about all those things with which we have been blessed.

I spent a good portion of this month fighting a cold, which turned into bronchitis; and that left me in a bit of a sour mood. Was almost annoying seeing my friends on Facebook posting daily “I’m thankful for…” statements, when I couldn’t breathe without coughing, and had trouble sleeping even though that’s all I wanted to do.

I got to see my husband today, and it completely changed my mood. There were butterflies in my stomach, just knowing I was going to be able to see his face, and have a chance to talk to him. The simple kind of conversation people take for granted all the time, if not every day.

Thanksgiving is a bit of an odd holiday in my life. I don’t really have a specific tradition, unless you count eating in general and I do that every day. Last year I was with my husband in South Carolina. We had stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and.. a chicken!! Haha. I couldn’t find a small enough turkey, and didn’t really feel like searching all over. It was a delicious meal! My mom still harps on me for making a chicken instead of a turkey for my first thanksgiving as a wife though. Haha.

The year before that, the sailor and I had dinner at a 5-star restaurant in Tampa, Florida, after my soon-to be in-laws (at that time) cancelled on us. Couldn’t let a perfectly good trip go to waste, after all. Neither of us had turkey, and the day we spent at Busch Gardens that Friday, was even more fun than dressing up for dinner.

And I can’t even remember what I did the year before that.. went home from my senior year of college, I suppose. It’s funny how fast I have forgotten… Anyway, do you have a Thanksgiving day tradition? Is it called stuffing or dressing in your house?

Happy fourth Thursday in November, world. Hope it’s been a good one, wherever you are. And to those in the States, stay safe shopping tomorrow.

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