A New Resolution

Disclaimer :: this post regards breastfeeding…for those that might find that a too TMI topic :)

I have recently (as of three days ago) stumbled into a new way of seeing the world.. A world minus ice cream and cheese and anything dairy.

Months ago I said that breastfeeding for at least the first year was really important to me. Formula is too expensive, I’m a stay at home mom and it has great health benefits for both me and baby. I didn’t realize at that time that meeting the goal to exclusively breastfeed for a year would mean giving up so much.

When my little man started showing signs of tummy troubles, my initial thought was reflux. It was right at the four week mark when that usually shows up. He started spitting up after every nursing. He started screaming half an hour to an hour after nursing.. Started “urping” and choking and always had acid smelling breath. Started comfort nursing for hours a day. All of his symptoms were telling of reflux and medication helped, for a few days.

And then the meds stopped working so well, and both his pediatrician and my lactation consultant said it was time to cut out dairy. I would be lying if I told you that didn’t make my heart sink a little. I’m a girl who loves cheese and yogurt and ice cream.. And I’ve already cut out all tomato products, BBQ sauce, citrus products and most of the veggies I enjoy for the sake of breastfeeding.

So I cleared my pantry of anything containing dairy in even the most minute form, and was surprised to find I only had pasta, beans and few cans of tomato soup (that I can’t eat anyway) left. My refrigerator was an even more depressing sight.. I gave most of the unopened food to a friend, so I didn’t have to waste much. And then it was time to go shopping to fill all that space!

Reading labels is exhausting with a baby in tow, and while most moms who need to go diary free for the sake of breastfeeding are comforted by this only being a temporary way of living, it will likely be a permanent change for me. Even though most babies grow out of a diary sensitivity by three or six months, my husband is also allergic to dairy and there’s no growing out of that.

So… it’s important for me to have a successful breastfeeding relationship for the health of our son; and it’s important for me to be able to stock our pantry and fridge with foods that make my husband feel at home, when he is home… and it may just be my way of seeing the world, but that means a whole new way of eating for me.

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 2.09.01 AM


ps. I also unintentionally gave up soda since the day after our son was born.. So that’s good, I guess. haha. :)

One thought on “A New Resolution

  1. Hi there. :) What you are doing for your little one is so awesome. I can imagine how terribly hard that is because I love my dairy too! Idk if you’ve looked here before, but The Baby Whisperer Forums are a really helpful, supportive place to receive answers to any baby questions you may have, including how others nurse and remain dairy-free! Here is the b/f’ing board (and there is a FAQ of b/f’ing section at the top which is amazing!!): http://www.babywhispererforums.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=a13e835f07ec9a833657d681134f43cb&board=12.0 Also, if you join the site, there are other boards not visible to visitors, like health and pregnancy, etc.

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