A Week in Cloth

Today makes one week the little man has been in cloth diapers. It’s been a learning process for sure. From figuring out the leg elastic in his fuzzibunz one size elite to learning how to use the diaper sprayer without getting half of the bathroom wet. Dare I say it’s been fun though?

Cloth diapering is one of those things I just knew I wanted to do. There are many benefits, but it was really just like knowing I wanted to have a baby. I day I woke up knowing I wanted one, and now I have one with an adorable fluff covered behind.

The cute thing is definitely a factor in my decision to use cloth diapers. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns (really, go check them out if you don’t believe me) and they can totally pass for legit clothing when it’s hot and miserable during the summer months; at the very least, at home. They also come in aplix closures (think Velcro) so they do not take any longer to change than a sposie.

And then there’s the lack of chemicals in cloth diapers. Say what you will about the more “natural” disposable diapers but even those gave our son a contact rash, and that was with with frequent changes. I’m talking a rash that even desitin max with 40% zinc oxide couldn’t touch. One day in cloth and the rash I had been battling for weeks was gone. It was almost miraculous.

And then there’s the daily blowout we no longer have to deal with anymore. The kind of poop-splosion that would go up his back and down to his toes in his sleep n play. So, so gross! For some reason rinsing poop off a diaper is totally okay, but getting it out of an outfit just isn’t cool. With cloth, I have yet to have a leak, even before I perfected the fit of the adjustable leg elastic in the fuzzibunz. Last night he went five hours between changes because I refuse to wake the tiny, sleeping dragon, and his diaper held up to the test!

Some anti-cloth parents will talk about the hassle of an extra load of laundry every few days, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. Even with a HE front loader which isn’t ideal for cloth according to some, I’ve managed to figure out an easy enough wash routine.

And those parents are usually the same ones that strike down the “environmentally friendly” factor of cloth diapering. They say the extra water used to clean them more than makes up for the landfill waste of disposables. Being environmentally conscious wasn’t one of my reasons for choosing cloth, and I did go through almost 200 disposable diapers (five and half weeks worth) before making the switch. It is a little wierd knowing those diapers will still exist in 200 to 250 years… And did you know that you’re supposed to plop the solid waste into the toilet with sposies anyway? It’s true. While the diaper companies aren’t required to label products as such, and it’s not illegal to toss the solid waste in most areas, if you scour the websites you will find instructions for waste removal. It’s usually hidden because that information would ruin some of the convenience of disposables.

My last factor for choosing cloth (which depends on my future restraint in buying more cloth diapers) is that cloth diapering is significantly less expensive than using disposables. And if you use reusable cloth wipes, like we have also made the switch to, the savings are even greater.

I’m not posting this to start a debate on what is better for the environment or your family.. Honestly not that my blog is big enough to spark a debate, but I understand everyone has a different lifestyle and disposables may truly be more convenient for some parents.

For the sake of cute fluff, no blowouts and cost savings, I am happy too have made the switch.

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 2.09.01 AM

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