At a Loss

*Disclaimer* Overly worried, first-time-mom post ahead..

The little man had his six month “well baby” visit earlier this week, in conjunction with the appointment for his lip and tongue ties. He had his weight and height logged in their system for the first time since his two month reflux appointment. I was surprised to hear that he had gone “off his curve” and was no longer in the 90th-something percentile for weight. At that time, I didn’t take it too seriously. I have weighed him on the same scale, in the same place every month since he was born, and he has always gained the appropriate amount to stay on track.

And then.. I started noticing his diapers were fitting looser around the legs. With cloth diapers, it’s easy to tell when they’re chunking up, because the snap settings have to be adjusted. I’ve now learned it’s just as easy to tell when they’re either leaning out, or losing weight, because the leg openings were starting to leak again. Sigh.

He isn’t taller, still hitting twenty-seven inches on the dot. But he has lost almost half a pound since his very unofficial half-month weigh in. Was up to 17lbs 8oz and is back down to seventeen even. In more clear terms, from his five month birthday until now, he has only gained three ounces.

He’s eating as much as always, and I haven’t noticed him being fussy or acting hungry after nursing. My lovely Breastfeeding Mamas support group has listened to me vent about this, and about his tongue/lip ties, and they say it’s normal. That it’s okay. They ask if he’s hitting milestones, bright eyed and alert and otherwise doing okay. He is. I just worry. I know I sound like such a first time mom here… but he’s my baby. I can’t help but wonder if the stress and chaos of having the sailor home have affected my milk supply. It was already borderline, just barely enough as it were.

Still waiting to hear from the network hospital – and much larger hospital at that – about our bumble butt’s pediatric ENT appointment. I just want everything to be okay, and even while writing this, am aware how lucky I am to have such a simple concern. Prayers uploaded for those struggling with far greater things.


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