The Cookies

I have “644 websites stored cookies or other data” linked to my use of Safari, my primary web browser. I can’t remember the last time I cleared it, if I ever have in the two years of using this computer.

My soon to be ex-husband (..hopefully by the time I am able to publish this, if I ever do, he will certainly be my ex-husband) has 280 of these cookies and other stored data, four of which are very obvious pornography sites.

I should probably back up. I am writing this on Friday, just before midnight. This past Monday, June 10th, we got into a small, stupid argument. He walked out, went to a friends house and got drunk. So drunk he did not remember spending half an hour on the phone with me, half of which I recorded using the photo booth on my laptop. A half hour of listening to why our marriage was irrevocably over. A half hour of listening to him detail his escapades, porn and alcohol problems and lack of desire to be a husband or father at this time.

Tuesday morning I called his parents to let them know it was over. Wednesday I called a lawyer. Thursday afternoon the preliminary divorce papers were signed and we left the state on Sunday. It was a whirlwind.

I’m still all tangled up in the details of this all and no one else talks about it. So I’m going to talk about it, because I can’t be the only person going through this.

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