Pen Shop

This weekend I will have the chance to work on something creative! It feels like forever since I’ve been able to have enough time to dedicate to a project. I can’t remember the last time I crocheted something. I last used my serger to make baby wipes, last year. And the last time I used my sewing machine since before the bumble butt was born, it was to sew uniform patches on. Super exciting stuff.

My dad has a pen making shop in the backyard, a hobby he picked up while spending time in Japan during his last deployment in the Navy. His pens are aboard the USS America, the John C Stennis (and not only in the hands of my sailor) and they are at the Pentagon. Yes, that Pentagon.

If you would like to check out his Etsy shop, Write4YourLife, I set up for him, these pens make fabulous gifts and are completely customizable.

The bullet style clicky pen he made for me.

They look really good, huh? This one is acrylic but he also makes them in many other materials: a variety of woods, including dual and tri-tones, water buffalo horn and the center of a corn of cob.


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