Baby Giggles

There are few things sweeter than the sound of your little’s laugh. The bumble butt is definitely, 100% ticklish now. He would laugh when we “nom nomed” him and pretended to eat his belly or hands, but now you can just poke at his sides or rub his feet and he gets all squirmy and giggly. It is music to my ears! He also thinks his reflection is the best thing ever, which is so funny to see. Here’s a short (and a bit blurry) clip of him being held by his Grandma.

Our time in California is starting off great. He’s got so many people who love him that he enjoys being around, and even more that he has yet to meet. A few women at my dad’s work are offering to watch him and teach him Spanish and can’t wait to meet him at the next company picnic.

The blazing heat and temperatures over a hundred degrees are taking some adjusting too, but that’s life in the sun for you! I wish I had time to write more, but it’s all a bit crazy for now.


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