Of the Future

My mind feels scattered this morning.

I spent more time being a mom than sleeping last night. Somehow, among what seemed a dozen night wakings by a very restless little, I had a dream last night. Revealing the exact details would be saying too much at this point in time, but it was very clearly, future focused. It was a good reminder that all of life is a journey and only God knows where we will end up. And only He knows which paths we will take to get there.

My dreams are in the future and my daily thoughts seem to end up caught in the past. I find myself wondering, “what if,” as if it would make any difference now. But it’s a distracting game to play. Being in the moment is sometimes difficult when I’m not where I thought I would be. But I can’t think of anyone who can look back five years ago and think that yes, this is where I wanted to be, or thought I would be.

Well… maybe a few people. I guess they’re the lucky ones.

Cue the end of nap time.


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