Shabam. Shabang. Shabooty!

Sha-bam! Sha-booty! Sha… bangs?


It’s been over two years since I cut my bangs and I decided to give them another go! Cutting them is something I had been contemplating for about a week. I’ve got another big reveal coming up and just wanting something to mirror that change. I was initially going for side-swept bangs, [why, oh why can’t we call them fringe in the states? Sounds a million times cuter, but I digress..] but realized that I would probably just pin side-swept bangs up how I had been pinning that part of my hair up for two years now. So there you go, heavy blunt bangs. Let’s file this post under the “snap” category of this blog because it did take 36 pictures to find the perfect one for this reveal.

My friends helped me have the courage to make the cut, and my son was amused by the change. He studied my face for a full two minutes before laughing. And if you’re wondering where the title of this post comes from, chock it up to my mom and I being the random women that we are.

Back in a few days with something you’re not going to want to miss. . .


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