Ten Months



You’ve pinched me more times than I can count this month. It is your newest “thing,” and honestly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking what to write about this past month. *pinch.pinch.smile* You are definitely mommy’s little monster.

So let’s see… your father visited at the beginning of this month. You had two lunch dates and play time at the park together, all of which you seemed to enjoy. You were having an exceptionally good weekend and weren’t too fussy for him. I’m not sure he would have known how to handle you if you had pulled a full blown meltdown on him. It’s been a long time since he was around you when you were certain the world was ending and it often takes quite a lot of convincing to disarm you. It was funny watching him try to stop you from eating grass at the park. Every time he took a blade from your hand, you figured out how to get past him and pluck another from the ground, over and over again until something else caught your attention.

Your crawl is now 80% normal and 20% broken frog. You really didn’t do much growing in the past month and are holding steady at about 20 pounds and maybe 29.5 inches if you’ve grown at all. It is very difficult getting an accurate measurement now that you are so mobile… but your doctor assures me that it’s normal and that breastfed babies don’t grow as much in the second six months of the first year. You do look taller when you’re playing because you have mastered standing on the very tip of your toes, adding at least two inches to how big you appear. However you look at it, you’re definitely not a little baby anymore.

You’ve tried some new foods! Had your first taste of chocolate cupcake and frosting, and devoured at least half a peach worth of peach slices from a cobbler. Tried your first bit of a non-traditional shepherd’s pie made with chicken. You liked honeydew and cantaloup, were wary of pineapple and gave bananas another try. Grandma and I are unsure why you aren’t putting on any weight with all the new foods you try, but it’s one of those little mysteries.

It’s been another good month, aside from your new fascination with pinching everything and everyone. Really unsure where you picked that up, but you do it most when you’re falling asleep so maybe it’s a comfort thing to you. You did get a little taste of your own medicine tonight though, when the almost three-year-old Zoie at the Mini Cooper club meeting pinched your leg while the two of you were watching a movie on her tablet. You didn’t cry but you sure did give her a puzzled look and I said, “tell me about it!” Doesn’t feel so awesome, does it, my little pincher bug?

This month you survived your first stuffy nose thanks to allergies and your first fall off the bed which I still say was totally your fault for launching yourself over the edge (when you normally hesitate). Still no goose egg worthy bumps though, thankfully, even though you are beginning to let go of whatever you are holding while standing. Gonna need to break out the bubble wrap soon.

Love you to the moon and to the sun and to forever and back, fuss bucket.




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